Zippered Pouch

What you will need

  • Michael Miller fabric. I can't remember the name.

Q&A with SummerTX

LisaC1026 asked:
So very cute!
SummerTX answered:
Thanks, Lisa. I wanna make about 10 more now! :-)
Kristin Link asked:
Looks perfect!
SummerTX answered:
Thanks, Kristin. I really enjoyed sewing along with the video.
shazdove asked:
That is so cute, yr zipper placement and stitching is perfect, well done
SummerTX answered:
You're sweet. I sew a mean straight line... heh
winnywoo asked:
Very cute fabric!
SummerTX answered:
Thank you! I love all things Michael Miller...
crazihippichic asked:
OMG! That fabric is so frickin' cute. I'm dying of a cuteness overdose!
SummerTX answered:
Thanks so much! I'm rationing the rest. :-)