Zipper Detail

Q&A with Gail Yellen

Le'Denise Henderson asked:
I have yet to put in a zipper! Can't wait!!
Gail Yellen answered:
Zippers always seem scarier than they really are. Using Wonder Tape makes zippers super easy. Let me know how you like it. Pins and basting will be a distant memory. Thanks for your comment!
Camaedaisy asked:
Is it the angle of the picture??? The top seam looks closer to the zipper teeth than the bottom seam......
Gail Yellen answered:
It does look closer to me too. When I do a technique on-camera, I try very hard to make it perfect, but it's probably slightly closer. If it were on an actual project, believe me, both edges would be equal. Glad you're paying such close attention ;-)

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