Winter suede & wool handbag

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Sewing with suede and metal zippers

What you will need

  • Suede from an old coat
  • leather from a belt
  • wool

Q&A with Modocki

Karine_enjoying asked:
Very nicely made, and your style I guess. Just one of the nice things about sewing, to be able to make just as one likes it!"
Modocki answered:
Definitely! Thanks for the comment!
missgiles9213807 asked:
This is really nice. I love it.
Modocki answered:
Thank you :-)
Sewlady718 asked:
Beautiful. Great for fall.
Modocki answered:
Thank you!
tessn asked:
This is so cute, and kudos for reusing some of the materials! So proud of you! Did you use a regular sewing machine?
Modocki answered:
Thanks! Yes, I used a regular sewing machine together with leather machine needles.
Needful Wishes asked:
Just love your bag, great choice of textures.
Modocki answered:
Thank you, I am using this bag every day at the moment. I was experimenting with textures when I made it, glad that you like the combination too!