Wedding Dress Update

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I did all the work and learned a lot. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't make anything with darts! Use princess seams - they look better in the finished project.

What you will need

  • Crepe back satin
  • silk organza.

Q&A with slrotr

Scheri Manson asked:
Hey just walk away for the night. Then grab a coffee after breakfast tomorrow and watch this fabulous video clip. Then give those darts a try again. Here is the video clip address http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/9496/mark-a-dart-and-learn-a-no-tie-finish
slrotr answered:
Thanks. I'm having that cup of coffee now as nd I'll say a few prayers in church before I tackle it. I'll watch the video. The darts are okay. I may need to take out the front bodice seam. It's not so bad as I first thought.
Julie Eilber asked:
It looks lovely, and the dimple doesn't seem that noticeable. Maybe take Susan's advice and ask a tailor or dressmaker? Or take out the center seam on the bodice piece and smooth it out? Put on a pretty broach or piece of trim? (search "art deco" trim on Etsy to find things that would go with your '30's style dress.) The dress looks great--don't give up.
slrotr answered:
Thanks. I appreciate the encouraging words. I do have a cameo that could hide it. I may give fixing the seam a go too.
Hopeful sewer asked:
That front center bodice seam is so short, maybe you could re-sew it by hand using a backstitch? Like with the zipper insertion, it may give you the control you need to be 100% certain you don't get the dimple. It's worth the effort -- otherwise, the dress is gorgeous and perfect for an early fall wedding. Good luck!
slrotr answered:
Ms. BB asked:
The dress is lovely and perfectly suited for its purpose! Don't give up on it, just take a deep breath and look at it the next day when you are fresh. Hope everyone's advice helps, but I love the idea of your cameo. Sometime later you could fiddle with the seam if you feel you need to, but it is such a tiny part of the beautiful dress and won't be noticed.
slrotr answered:
Thanks. It helps to have the encouraging words.
sabrats asked:
I have not received my pattern yet? it's now 4 weeks and I am still waiting. How long does it normally take? I live in North Carolina, USA.
slrotr answered:
I got mine in about a week.

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