Wearable muslin tunic

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Getting it done. I have never sewn with knits before, and this fabric seemed to expand dramatically during cutting and sewing. So I ended up hacking away large chunks of fabric to get it to fit. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just have fun and experiment. I was initially going to just sew this up to check for fit, but then decided to practice painting with a stencil. As long as I had the surface painted, I couldn't ignore the temptation to stitch it.... So now I have a garment I can wear, and I'm just hoping nobody notices all the places I nicked the layer underneath and had to sew it back up!

What you will need

  • an old knit jersey sheet
  • Createx airbrush paint
  • Dogwood button craft thread
  • the Angie's stencil from the Alabama Chanin website

Q&A with faux nom

faux nom asked:
juniper - I did only reverse applique, but there were lots of shapes I didn't cut (the more solid white ones), so they probably look a little bit like applique. The paint was very thick, and kind of took on a life of its own! This was my first attempt at spraying on the stencil paint, and there's one flower that was basically just a big glob of white. So I stitched inside the glob to create the shapes. It's an unconventional approach :)
faux nom answered:
Amy, I used just a squirt bottle on this one. Yikes! I'm on the hunt now for a cheap air compressor.
PSCD asked:
I love it. It is really quite beautiful! I commented yesterday, but for some reason my comments don't always show up. Don't know what I do wrong.
faux nom answered:
Thanks Pam! I think you comment got nested under another one.
Cristina Jimene asked:
Love how you did not cut everything out. great dress.
faux nom answered:
Thanks! I actually was reluctant to cut, because I like the kind of raised texture of the shapes.
Stking491262661 asked:
Wow! So beautiful!
faux nom answered:
Thanks so much! It's really a fun process to learn.