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Created by: Fabufelt

Wearable Abstract

You Can Make This

Fabufelt made Wearable Abstract with:

Decorative Seams

Class + Kit

Decorative Seams

with Katrina Walker

  • This vest is 100% Cormo premium fine wool including the design needle felted into a semi- rustic bottom edge and raw blanket stitched arm and front closure. Button is fused glass. The wool is from my own flock of registered Cormo fine wool sheep.

Q&A with Fabufelt

Katrina Walker asked:
Awesome!!!! I love it - especially that it came from your Cormos! I'm going to restrain myself from launching into a major sheep conversation - I have my own natural colored flock. Love meeting another sheepherding couturier!!! Such a fun project - keep up the Happy Sewing! --Katrina
Fabufelt answered:
Thanks for the kind words. I know it's hard to keep from talking sheep,