Vogue 8815

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The length of the top. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Make sure you do an FBA if you are full busted. I used my full bust measurement to adjust this project and it ended up way too big. I had to cut off 6 inches after I sewed it and it can still be taken in. Make sure you watch all sessions. After I had adjusted the pattern and cut out the fabric I went straight to sewing - skipping the fitting session. Will have to go back for the next version of this top.

What you will need

  • ITY Polyester / Lycra

Q&A with BeaJay.

Aromagal1 asked:
I sure hope someone can help with the fitting issue, I'm not experienced enough yet. Well done, for trying. I love this fabric!
BeaJay. answered:
Thanks Aromagal.
WendyCunningham asked:
I love the fabric and the drape on you. Looks like you lowered the waist a little too, which looks great...that seems a popular mod to this top. As far as the neck, did you do anything to scoop it out? Maybe just a little too much? Most people mention how the neck is too high - I'm not sure of the correct method to scoop it out and still having it fit nicely. I'm sure Barbara will be along shortly to give us some pointers! Well done, can't wait to see the next one you do. I'm hoping to do mine over the long weekend.
BeaJay. answered:
Thanks Wendy. I am going to experiment with the waist level. I think I just over scooped the neck.
Davesmom asked:
Hi BeaJay, What about some material with lace on it, to attach behind neck band from side to side. It might look like it was planned that way. Then you could straighten out the neck band if you wanted to. maybe a solid back material with lace? Or just plain lace. I think the back waist needs to be raised an inch or so. The front seems to be fine. I have bought this class and pattern. I do like it as well. Did you post this on the class sight? Maybe Barbara can help.
BeaJay. answered:
Thanks Davesmom - love the thought of the lace. Will give it a try.
Barbara Deckert asked:
Vogue 8815 is drafted for wovens, not knits. You can certainly make it out of a knit, but that does require more work with the fitting process! Also, a bias binding in a knit can be tricky, especially with a thin and wiggly fabric like ITY. With a knit, you can cut the binding on the cross grain and or cut it double (French binding). You could also try fusing some tricot interfacing to firm the fabric up a bit for the binding. At this point, you might be able to simply fold the binding to the inside like a facing, and either understitch or topsitch to hold it in place, or you could add some black trim to just cover it up. A plumber once told me, "Craftsmanship is the fine art of covering up your mistakes"!!!!
BeaJay. answered:
Thanks Barbara - I am certainly going to try some of those suggestions. I do love the top. I enjoyed the class. How about more plus sized classes from you. Would love a step by step sewing the 8815 into that great jacket!
Pauline N asked:
Your fit is so great and I love this print on you.
BeaJay. answered:
Thanks Pauline

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