Vogue 8511 in Shantung

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That lining, and my pleats! What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you have any interest in sewing at all, take this class. Even if you don't think you have the skills, Susan shows you EVERYTHING. And answers all your questions extremely fast!

What you will need

  • shantung (polyester)

Q&A with RebeccaSchamess

Jackie G. asked:
Am I correct that you have chosen a pattern, other than the one that comes with the course, or was your project from a different session? Also, where did you get dotted lining? Susan recommends Silk Charmuse or China Silk and I have only found plain colors, mostly just white. I love your dotted fabric and would like to spice up my garment with a prettier lining as I have a deep dark plum colored lightweight wool. Thanks for posting your photos. I'm anxsious to start my project tomorrow!
RebeccaSchamess answered:
Hm, I wasn't able to reply to your comment on my iphone, but I posted one here, just above. Where are you in OH?
ramonamp asked:
I also love your fabric and I have this pattern. Would love to see the finished product.
RebeccaSchamess answered:
I tried to reply to your comment but it didn't work on my phone! Have you started?
tobia-ghost asked:
Hi, how did you organize the alternative pattern with this course? I only get offered the original pattern 8648 as a choice. Thanks!
RebeccaSchamess answered:
Hi, did you see my reply, above? Stupid phone interface wouldn't let me reply directly to you!
Carefree Mary asked:
Thanks for posting! I 'm through fitting the muslin, but dont have fabric yet! All i can find in Phoenix is polyester and no silk for the lining or interlining. So I ordered some online. I also ordered the big tracing paper, and the fork pins
RebeccaSchamess answered:
No fabrics in Phoenix? How is that possible?? What are the fork pins for? Haven't gotten there yet...
kim391 asked:
I am interested in taking this course but was wondering how you would fit the pattern to your own body? Is everyone using a dress form?
RebeccaSchamess answered:
I didn't use one -- my daughter tried to help me make one from duct tape but it just didn't work for fitting something this nice. So I'm fitting it to myself, pinching the extra fabric with binder clips and just sort of "eyeballing" things. Truth is, I'm probably going to take it to a pro and some point and get it tailored. But at least I'll have most of a dress!

Skill Level