Vogue 1307

Project Description

What are you most proud of? They are comfortable. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I wish I had watched the entire class before starting the project. There are a few things I would have changed. I need an honest assessment of the fit. My sewing friends are all quilters! As I look at the pictures, it seems I don't have it quite right yet.

What you will need

  • Polyester blend

Q&A with Plane Jane

Davesmom asked:
What pattern did you use to make these pants? Did you buy the pant fitting class that Sandra has on Craftsy's? Her book Fast fit has all kinds of alteration for every figure. I bought the book years ago and never used it. When I get my pant pattern from her class I plan on using it with her on line instructions to fit pants and then ask her for help if I have problems. Your pants seem to have too much fabric in the back and front in some places. The Technic class is teaching you how to sew the pants. It does not teach you how to alter your pattern to fit you. I also am tired of pants that do not fit me. So I have bought both of Sandra's classes on pants. Try again and don't give up, There is hope. It make take a few trials before success.
Plane Jane answered:
I took the fitting class first and then the construction class. The pattern is Vogue 1307, also a Today's Fit patten.
ginochka asked:
The pants are too baggy and not flattering, is this the pattern she recommends using?
Plane Jane answered:
No, it's a different Today's Fit pattern.
GracefulSewing asked:
Plane Jane, you have gotten some harsh feedback! While I agree that a pattern that fits closer to the body is easier to alter, I assume you used this pattern because YOU like the style. If you take Sandra's Fit Class you are not limited to closer-fitting patterns. This pattern would benefit from a muslin mock-up to fine-tune the fit. To raise the crotch depth, you need enough length left to shorten this pattern between the high & low hips points. Your workmanship looks good. I encourage you to add Sandra's other course to deal with fit so that when you put in this much work, your fit won't distract from the skill. Sandra also covers a pleat finishing technique for this pattern in the other course that may help the wrinkling in the front.
Plane Jane answered:
I don't mind harsh feedback if it's useful. I have taken other pants classes from Craftsy and hope to get back to making pants that actually fit. This probably was the wrong fabric for the pattern. It's always a gamble ordering on-line! Do you think body shape has anything to do with pants fit? I'm a rectangle, flat when viewed from the side. I can't even buy pants that fit.

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