Velour Hoodie

What you will need

  • Stretch Panne Velour

Q&A with PeggyE.

Jill Amanda Clark asked:
I love this hoodie....I think I will attempt it in the Velour next....did you have any troubles working with this material?
PeggyE. answered:
I found that working with the velour material was super easy, which was a very pleasant surprise.
AllThatPatchwor asked:
Great looking hoodie. Is the pattern available separately? I'm not particularly interested in taking the course as I'm experienced in sewing with knits and have too many other priorities in classes to take right now.
PeggyE. answered:
I haven't seen if this pattern is available anywhere else. The class is totally worth the money and the time. I have learned alot.
Scheri Manson asked:
Peggy it looks so beautiful in velor.
PeggyE. answered:
Teresa Maria asked:
I love the velour, it drapes beautifully!!
PeggyE. answered:
Thanks. It does drape nicely.
Joanna Y asked:
Very nice! Where did you find this fabric?
PeggyE. answered:
I got this fabric at JoAnn fabrics. If you watch sales, you can find it for a little over $2 a yard.

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