V-Neck Tshirt with Cuffs

What you will need

  • Recycled Tshirt Material found at Value Village

Q&A with Jill Amanda Clark

Scheri Manson asked:
Great looking tee. Even more fabulous its recycled.
Jill Amanda Clark answered:
I had a huge fear with starting to sew.....I would hate to ruin expensive materials.....so I started hitting the second hand shops for material....it's great, I pay 3.00 max and get practice material....:) However, most of the material is in super great shape so I think I'll just continue with it!
Gjeometry asked:
I like the cuffs you added. I havn't yet watched the t-shirt video yet, so am wondering if this is included in the pattern or if you added it on your own.
Jill Amanda Clark answered:
The cuffs are in the V-Neck Tshirt tutorial...:) I love this class, even though the Vneck and Scoop neck are similar, she does show you different techniques like the cuffs...:)

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