V-neck t-shirt

What you will need

  • Print T-shirt knit

Q&A with France Dorais

KaSchu asked:
That is a very nice top. I love the fabric.
France Dorais answered:
Thank you!
Ladymax asked:
This looks just great. The colours are terrific.
France Dorais answered:
Thank you!
France Dorais asked:
Working on another project from the course on knits.
France Dorais answered:
It is a pretty easy course. The patterns are well done but I have major problems sewing the clear elastic on the front of the dress
Scheri Manson asked:
I think the v neck tee is perfect for the fabric. Really nice work :-)
France Dorais answered:
Thank you!
bjevans27210741 asked:
Beautiful. I haven't gotten the sizing down, but I'm ready to start on my better fabric in my stash. It appears you have mastered the pattern and techniques.
France Dorais answered:
I have done the pattern in different t-shirt knit. This was my third try at the v-neck t-shirt.

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