Upsized Sundress

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I now have the perfect pattern for me in a style I just could find in a commercial pattern. I have adjusted the pattern as I went so I can make it anytime without fitting through the process too much. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Make sure that your drafted pattern is symmetrical. Where there are darts or pleats, only completely undo one side until you can mark dart legs or pleat directions. As you unpick the dress, take note of the construction order, so you know the sewing order.

What you will need

  • Blue and white striped cotton

Q&A with AskSarah

CraftyNHmom asked:
That's really amazing how you picked apart a smaller dress and redrafted a whole new dress! It came out gorgeous! Wow!
AskSarah answered:
Thank you! It took about 8hrs to carefully pick apart, iron, trace and draft to fit me but I am so happy with it. I am acutally sewing another one today to wear to an event
ivoryh1632 asked:
Wow this looks great! I've picked apart and recreated dresses before but never been brave enough to try upsizing it as well, I've been on the fence about enrolling, but I think you may have just sold me on signing up for this class
AskSarah answered:
The class is excellent and Barbra is a great teacher. This course was so good that my slender, no sewing mum is buying a sewing machine! Go on, do it!!
Mama Lusco asked:
Beautiful dress! Great job creating a pattern to fit you. Really tempted to try this class now :)
AskSarah answered:
Thank you! I really enjoyed the class and it gave me the confidence to give this a try.
MomGrandma asked:
Love the gathering in the bust...very pretty.
AskSarah answered:
Thank you!
Chris Lucas asked:
You definitely did a great job with this one... looks fabulous... well done!! I was just reading your response to ivoryh1632 below and I couldn't agree with you more. Barbara's class is worth joining just for the tips she shares. I also love her down to earth nature and she says it like it is. Barbara has really boosted my sewing confidence and I now I feel like there's no stopping me... which is obviously how you are feeling after this class as well. For the small fee Craftsy charges for their classes they are sooooo worth every penny. Most times people can get them when they are on sale... but with this class I'd be more than happy with what I got even at full price :)
AskSarah answered:
I am addicted to Craftsy! I just finished Creative Sergeing and it answer soooo many questions I had

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