Created by: Barbara Deckert

Upsized 2X to 6X Donna Karan Jacket

You Can Make This

Barbara Deckert made Upsized 2X to 6X Donna Karan Jacket with:

  • Panel printed
  • wool/nylon
  • heavy sweater knit. The fabric was heavily felted and stiff

Q&A with Barbara Deckert

Aromagal1 asked:
What kind of edge treatment did you use around the collar and down the front?
Barbara Deckert answered:
Again, I did it the lazy way. The fabric is a knit so it won't ravel, and folding the raw edges under would be bulky, so I just folded the edges under and topstitched with some silk buttonhole twist that I had laying around (probably at least 20 years old!) using a #18 needle; then I trimmed the fabric close to the stitching. On the collar, where the wrong side shows, I topstitched again with the silk twist from the wrong side, very close to the bobbin thread of the first topstitching so the silk twist is on both sides of the collar, down just past where it folds at mid-torso. I didn't even try to use silk twist in both the needle and bobbin of my machine.
Pauline N asked:
Oh my stunning. How much did it shrink, Barbara? You washed it in the machine or the sink?
Barbara Deckert answered:
I am not really sure, but I had billowing wads of wool fuzz all over my washer, dryer, and the shower and bathroom where I hung it over the shower curtain rod to dry. I barely had enough fabric to cut it out, so I did not attempt to match any patterns. Had I my life to do over, I might not have washed it and left it stiff. I hate dry cleaning, and I don't want to deal with the fluff again and I fear the coat might go bald, so I will probably "clean" it with Dryel in my dryer.
judepierce asked:
Ok this is exactly the pattern I was working on. I have this beautiful fabric. Really expensive & I'm scared to cut it out. Could u please tell me how you upsized this to a size 3x. The pattern has only on seam. Am I to cut the pattern? Please get back to me ASAP. Thanks. I really love your class. I'm back to sewing. Now that I feel I could upsize some of my patterns.
Barbara Deckert answered:
I did it the lazy way: I added about 2" from the lower CB tapering to nothing at the upper seam area, and then I added another 2" at the front cutting line, starting at the lower curved edge near the hem and tapering to nothing at about waist level where the collar starts. For the sleeves, I just added a bit on each sleeve seam, tapering to nothing at the armscye. The fit is loose to start with, and my fabric is a knit. I did check the resulting circumferences at waist and hip before I cut!!!
SiValEngr asked:
This is gorgeous! I _love it! I upsized this pattern for the Embellished Knits course here at Craftsy. It took me 2 tries. I made an unembellished version that was reversible, by making 2 copies of the coat and sewing them together. I'll be handstitching embellishments for quite a while longer before I finish that next one. I _love_ your class and hope you will teach more. I just ordered your patterns!
Barbara Deckert answered:
How did you do the upsizing?
judepierce asked:
Barbara this is vogue pattern 1263 right. I am a 3x. I am concerned about maintaining the design ease. 2" on the center back and 2" on the front only gives 8 inches. My fabric is silver metallic and black knit not stretchy. I have a fancy party to go to and want to wear it with black silk crepe pants and top. the edges unravel. I have a serger so I will use that technique. basic question is 8" enough for 62" widest part on the bottom. Like you I'm a pear shaped supersize.
Barbara Deckert answered:
This pattern is very loose fitting to start with. Set your tape measure on its side and check the circumferences at waist and hips and compare to your numbers; remember that the coat is double breasted, but there is no closure so on the other hand you are going to wear it open anyway. If you think you really need more width that what you can add at CB and at the front closure, you could slash and spread at the SS area and remember to make the same adjustment on the upper pattern pieces at the SS's. I am about a 32 and bigger than you and I didn't need to. For your fabric, I would use the overcoller /facing pieces as shown in the pattern, and I would flat fell the seams.

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Get your first class for only $14.99