Upscale $1.99 Shirts

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I'm struggling with them. Not sure I like them. Flatlocking is hard I always seem to have like an inch that doesn't catch on both piece. Wow! I took the orange one apart and fixed it! Made the hat and hatband too What advice would you give someone starting this project? I cut all the pieces and didn't do a good job of keeping the parts separate, so I accidentally sewed the wrong part to orange shirt and had to make it work.

What you will need

  • Two long sleeve knit shirts I got for $1.99 each

Q&A with Michael Chylinski

demaroge asked:
I love your fearless courage! I gotta get me some of that! ;) Fun idea! Thanks for sharing.
Michael Chylinski answered:
I keep telling my teacher at the college that my favorite thing about Craftsy classes is they constantly tell us "there are no mistakes" and sometimes a mistake becomes your favorite part. It's just that sometimes you fight a project to completion and other times you cruise right thru. I have a mosaic friend that doesn't finish what she starts for lack of courage. I am afraid not to finish. It all had an ugly phase and you will always see something you can fix, but you cannot deny your feelings.
rowoman asked:
I love these Mike, don't give up! Your projects are always inspirational....and lets face it, we never like our own stuff as much as others do....we are our worst critic....and our best...wear with pride!
Michael Chylinski answered:
Thank you and I agree. I fixed the worst part of the orange shirt and it's fine now. I'm taking a class at the local JC and she loved it. She also solve my construction. Thanks you guys. I love the support I get here.
dynagal asked:
You made the hat? That's fantastic! Is it straw or what material did you use to make it? Good job!
Michael Chylinski answered:
That hat is straw, it was a floppy ladies hat, I found it in a bucket of beanies at a thrift store for 50c I took all decorations and etc off. I stiffened the fabric with diluted PVA glue. I stretched over a open crown hat block that I also made by hand. Using steam and an iron. Then I removed it from the block and with additional steam I bashed the crown shape by hand. I think I also sprayed it with shellack to give it some shine, also adds stiffness, also enriched the color of the straw. Then I made the hat band using millinery grosgrain and Renassance ribbon and I sewed in a speech terry cloth sweatband. The brim was stingy and stuff enough it didn't need a wire and I chose not to put a ribbon around the outside edge of the brim. My son loves it. I could sell it for up to $50 I'm sure. I've done the same with crochet hats, wool and fur felt, various straws. Standard hat blocking techniques and materials.