Upcycled dog coat

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Having the idea and seeing it through! It was fun figuring out how to do this, especially the finishing. I ended up using a nice fleece binding on the edges. I also figured out how to make the belly strap from the vest collar. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Go for it! It helps to have a patient dog like Chester who tolerated lots of fittings!

What you will need

  • Repurposed child's fleece lined quilted vest

Q&A with cmarles

anamariad550022 asked:
As the blue one this is wonderfull Chester is so lovely!!
cmarles answered:
Thank you! He is a lovely dog - 11 years old, cross between a ShihTzu and Bichon Frise....
yumyumdog asked:
Just Love it! Thanks heaps.
cmarles answered:
Thanks so much!
stabbinrags asked:
Chester is really dashing in his blue coat!!!! What a doll (dog)!!!!! I have 3 big doggies and they are my life!!!!
cmarles answered:
My brother-in-law has a saying - dogs are like potato chips, you can't have jusst one! We also have a ShihTzu Lhasa Apso cross named Berni!
monicamaries asked:
I so need to make this for my Caesar! He's a cross between Shih-tzu and Llasa alpso. I call him a Llasa Shihtz
cmarles answered:
These dogs are so special! Thanks for sharing!
s-hill20 asked:
Is there a pattern or instructions for this ?
cmarles answered:
Sorry no I just made it up as I went along