Created by: Ziggy

Tshirt with the Tilton Collar

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Ziggy made Tshirt with the Tilton Collar with:

The Ultimate T-Shirt: Fitting & Construction

Online Class

The Ultimate T-Shirt: Fitting & Construction

with Marcy & Katherine Tilton

  • Cotton knit yardage
  • and repurposed fabric from other clothing
  • (knit

Q&A with Ziggy

jlsainton1740913 asked:
Wow, I love that collar treatment very special looking. I haven't started my Tshirt as yet and wasn't sure if I could figure out how to do the collar in the pattern so I thought I would just leave it out but you have inspired me to at least try. I would love to do something like you did with the collar. Great job Ziggy!
Ziggy answered:
Thank you! The collar takes a bit more time, but well worth it. The place where the two collars overlap themselves and each other is very thick. I basted carefully, and used a walking foot. Oh, and the stitch I ended up using on that portion of the collar was much longer than usual -- I think it was 4.
prostitch asked:
You done a wonderful job! LOVE the contrast you used too! Thumbs up!!!
Ziggy answered:
Thank you! :-)
sewing_Lori_5943 asked:
so pretty! I think I will try to do one! I can't tell but it looked like you used piping instead of a zipper? I want to do the neck also and you have helped with your project!
Ziggy answered:
Yes, I used piping instead of a zipper. Good luck with your project!
jlsainton1740913 asked:
Hi Ziggy, I'm an advanced beginner do you think I would be able to figure out/understand how to construct the collar? it looks pretty intimidating. Even though your T-shirt is an inspiration I'm not sure if I should set myself up for failure knowing that I'm a beginner. What do you think?
Ziggy answered:
Well, if you're following along with the Craftsy class and it's going pretty well, you should probably be able to do the collar if you take your time at it. I did little tests along the way. For example, using a scrap of the same knit fabric, I tested out the piping before doing it on the cut collar pieces. I also did more basting than the pattern calls for, to stabilize the collar pieces to themselves and to each other. Oh, and be sure to mark center front carefully on the collar. You will use that to figure out how much and where to overlap -- though there is a little wiggle room. Good luck!