Tinker, my Happiness Bear

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That he came together so well, that his head, arms & legs move & he really looks good to me. That Dorine & I had so very much fun making him. That I will always have great memories with this little bear. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Pay attention to the teacher, with this or any other project that you are learning. They know the little tweaks that will make it so easy. Have fun with it & share your projects with others.

What you will need

  • Bear fur
  • German glass eyes
  • bear joints
  • sued on paws. Stuffing-Air tec
  • Embroidery thread-black.

Q&A with Pamillia

qulady asked:
what a sweet little bear! i did some similar for my girls when they were young and they still have them- it does take patience, but it's worth it! great job!!
Pamillia answered:
Thank you, they all seem to have different looks to them, no matter how many you make.
maggie3411@shaw.ca asked:
Absolutely adorable. I think though if it was a child's toy I would use something other than glas eyes, but if like me you have a collection sitting around your home, then watch out I might come and steal him.
Pamillia answered:
Oh Yes, if it were a babies or a child's toy, it would of been made much differently. But, no little ones around here. So, as you & I know, we can have it our way. :-) Thank you for your nice comments.
Pam NZ asked:
Tinker said to tell you he would like a trip out to NZ please! He said you can come too ;-) Well done, he's just gorgeous... love his ears, he has a very understanding looking face. Can see why he's your happiness bear... I can't even touch him and he's brought a smile to my face... wish I could have a cuddle lol.
Pamillia answered:
Dear Pam, thank you for your special comments.It is nice to hear that someone else feels the same about Tinker.
Audrey_Santana asked:
This teddy is perfect :D Beautiful work.
Pamillia answered:
Thank you so much for your comments.
Cat Sultan asked:
Wow this is really cool! The mottled brown/black fur is just great. I made a bear once intended for my niece for Christmas, but my brother said they had too many stuffed animals around the house, so I kept him. Of course my brother wanted to take back his comment after he saw him! This guy must have taken a lot of work. I can tell.
Pamillia answered:
Thanks Cat, so sad that your niece had to miss out. I am so sure, you do things so very well. He did take a while. His arms, legs & head all turn. One of my dear friends taught me how to make him. A lot of good memories. :-)