This is a special tote bag for a friend

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gloriagam959825 made This is a special tote bag for a friend with:

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  • I used a burlap type material I had intended for my dress form but made a mistake in cutting so I used it for the bag. All the leather was given to me as a throwaway pair of pants from same friend bag is going to. Lining and pocket were also given to me by same friend

Q&A with gloriagam959825

nancyzl asked:
This turned out great! so nice to see someone reusing an old garment too. Am sure your friend will be delighted.
gloriagam959825 answered:
haha, she thought I bought it. She checked the bag for the item I said I had made for her. It was a great compliment.
Nolly1 asked:
your friend must be very special for you to make it for her its lovley i like that it is short great to take to semi formal evening out, just big enough for phone glasses handerchief and other necessities love the detail on the front is that leather
gloriagam959825 answered:
yes, its leather with piping sandwiched between it and the pocket lining, also on the handles. It is actually taller than it looks. its about ten inches tall. I originally made it for a tote for her silk painting supplies and silks but she flipped out over it so it may get used for something else. its huge inside. She is my dearest friend and is leaving the country to go back home for good, sad.
yarn78 asked:
Fabulous bag! Love the leather you used, I need to be brave and try to see with it.
gloriagam959825 answered:
Just remember to use a leather needle and don't let it scare you. I thought it was quite easy but not too much scares me. Just take your time and the results are quite satisfying
Lucille asked:
Just great! So original and very attractive.
gloriagam959825 answered:
Thank you so much
Brett Bara asked:
This is so amazing! I absolutely love your bag & I'm thrilled to see how you used the components from the class! YAY!
gloriagam959825 answered:
Thanks!, did you see I used chocolate piping to finish the leather? I was so excited how it turned out that I had to give it to my friend in a hurry before I kept it for myself, haha

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