The Poor Fitting Pattern

Project Description

What was your inspiration? As you watch the video you will see a fit sample created right out of the pattern envelope that does not utilize joi's methods for pre- applying your body measurements. Notice all the areas of fit that need adjusted. This is what most sewers run into.

What you will need

  • Just one muslin for tweaking the fitting shell

Q&A with Joi Mahon

Calumn asked:
This is the 'final' fitting?
Joi Mahon answered:
Correct- this was a photo taken during shooting and it was the sample that I created using old school methods that most sewers do, and you see the ill- fitting. It was posted in my class and I did not label it. I am trying to change that becaue it is misleading for sure. Hopefully, however people will realize that.
incognita1496886 asked:
Please could you confirm whether the title of this photo is accurate? I am very interested in the course but this looks like the sort of early toile that needs substantial alteration.
Joi Mahon answered:
Hey everyone, I was able to change the incorrect title to the photo from taping. Yes, I had that marked on the fit sample and if you watch the fitting video I show this example that is unchanged. Thanks for catching that.
JFquilter asked:
I would like to know how to choose the correct pattern size
Joi Mahon answered:
see above
raqskie43963 asked:
I would also like to know how to choose the correct pattern size..
Joi Mahon answered:
see above
_deknits_ asked:
I would also like to know how I should choose a pattern size to start from. Can't sign up until I know what size to order. :(
Joi Mahon answered:
See above

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