The medieval dress

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The hand sewing What advice would you give someone starting this project? Buy good quality fabric, 100% wool, 100% linen and 100% silk. Enjoy your hand working with the needle

What you will need

  • 100% linen in the underdress and 100% wool in the overdress. Alight weight wool thread for hemming the wool dress by hand.

Q&A with Eva testar

barbmortell asked:
I love the dress! Did you handsew the whole project?
Eva testar answered:
Thank you barbmortell. every stitch in The overdress in wool is by hand.I did the The underdress in linen first and used my machine for some seams before I decided to make it more real medieval and only use hand stitching. Some of the long seams are made by hand other is made by machine. All hemming is by hand. The purse is done by hand but the embroidery on the purse is machine embroidery. You can see more details about the purse/bag if you go to that project page
torilynn asked:
Killer costume....and I love the bag!
Eva testar answered:
Thank You torilynn! More photos of the bag on my project site.
barbmortell asked:
It looks fantastic. How long did the whole project take? I also loved your version of the librarian blouse with the hand stitched detail on the collar and the hand made buttonholes.
Eva testar answered:
Thank you barbmortell! I dont know how long time I spent with this costume. I did it now and then during a year or more. The wool dress is stitch only by hand and it was surprisingly easy to stitch in that material. The wool fabric was soft and lovely to work with. I enjoyed it and I dont think it took so much more time compared to machine stitching. And there is an extra benefit with hand sewing: it is quiet and you can do it anywhere. Sit in the garden, sew and listen to the birds!
morriganpoe asked:
beautiful garb!
Eva testar answered:
Thank you morriganpoe. Nice of you!