The Laundry Duffle

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Getting the proportions correct so that the color blocking of the three different fabrics went together. The first one I designed looked a little too bottom-heavy, so I added some to the top piece of fabric and took some away from the bottom (brown) fabric. Also, getting the circle the correct size so it fit the fabric. Yikes...lots of math an testing on muslin. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Have fun picking the fabric. And try the big curtain grommets - they are REALLY easy to install! I am making one adjustment to the pattern, then it will be available.

What you will need

  • Home dec fabric
  • zipper
  • curtain grommets
  • hardware

Q&A with Ms. Elaineous

Tandunn asked:
Love your thinking. I don't use patterns, didn't realise I had the engineering in me!
Ms. Elaineous answered:
YAY! I should have been an industrial engineer - it's the Virgo in me. I approach sewing as part engineer and part artist. And I'm incredibly practical. Everything I make must be functional. I live in a small, corporate town and sew with a lot of engineers. They've rubbed off on me!
Maribel4258 asked:
I have a daughter off to college and I would love to make this for her. Please let me know when the pattern is available for purchase. Your blog has inspired me to dust off my Viking and sew some......thanks!
Ms. Elaineous answered:
YAY! I am finishing up my semester next week, then will spend some time this summer fine-tuning my patterns. This duffle is great - and I want to make it in different sizes, so one that will fit gym clothes and shoes. I'll keep you posted!