The Couture Dress

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I love, love, love the lapped zipper. I had never done one before and this looks fantastic. I think I will always put zippers in by hand instead of by machine in the future. It is so much easier to control! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't skimp on the muslin and fitting steps. Here are more photos of my project on my blog: http://thesewinglab.blogspot.com/2012/07/v8648-couture-dress-class-review.html

What you will need

  • Cotton dress
  • muslin lining
  • satin lining
  • lace hem tape

Q&A with The Sewing Lab

Azorgirl asked:
Hmmm. Nice hem lace! And the colour is gorgeous. I think you have done a wonderful job.
The Sewing Lab answered:
Thank you!
Tzpiglick asked:
Looks stunning. Cant wait to get there. Any tips for a beginner in the class?
The Sewing Lab answered:
Thank you! I ran into trouble because I did the fitting, but didn't sew the seam together under the zipper... I didn't do that until AFTER I sewed in the lining. What a mistake! It turned out that it was a little too tight and I had to rip out part of the hand-sewn lining to let out some seams in the dress. It was a lot work. In short... finish the fitting completely before attempting the lining. The class will be great for a beginner. She really goes step by step. Can't wait to see your project. Feel free to write a comment when it is done.
Scheri Manson asked:
Love your choice of colors. Color blocking really gave this pattern a modern twist. Whats your next project?
The Sewing Lab answered:
Thanks! Next I am making a petticoat pattern for retro dresses. I hope to make a tutorial and post it.
Birdsong Bows asked:
The fit is fantastic! Congratulations. I'm just starting this class so am looking forward to the journey. Hope mine looks as fabulous as yours!
The Sewing Lab answered:
The class is great... You shouldn't worry at all. Good luck!
huysentru342343 asked:
I don't have time to sew any more but hope to get back to it in a few months; I am particularly interested in learning to make a muslin; would you say the fitted dress course gives sufficient information about it ? And can I learn a lot just by watching in a first phase or would I need to make a dress as the course progresses for it to be of use to me ? Thank you
The Sewing Lab answered:
I think it would be a great idea to watch it first. I tried to make myself do that, but i was too excited to get started on it. I found the pattern adjustments on the muslin particularly useful to learn. Good luck!

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