Thanksgiving dress

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The stripes on the fabric were not at all obvious until the dress was made up. At that point I could either just live with the mismatches I had or do some serious readjusting. One side seam was pretty good as is, but the other one I took out all along the ruching, realigning it several times. I also had to set one sleeve about four times before I was happy with it. I'm proud of sticking with it until I had a result I was proud to wear to a holiday dinner. I'm also very pleased that I finished it Wednesday afternoon! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Prepare to have to readjust the ruching if you are working with any kind of pattern that needs to be matched. Trust that the investment in time for doing the muslins and basting is worth it. If I'd just used normal techniques the dress would have made up a lot faster, but it simply would not have been rig Also, using a stiffer knit for the lining turned out to be a really good idea - if I'd used something as drapey as the fashion fabric the dress would have been limp.

What you will need

  • The pattern I used was Vogue 1314. I used a loose knit polyester for the fashion fabric and swimsuit fabric for the lining.

Q&A with Hopeful sewer

flynntsang asked:
I love your projects! I'm nearby in Chevy Chase and just starting the Couture Dress class. By any chance do you have extra sheets of dressmaker's tracing paper? I used the little sheets and really want the large sheets. I'll buy some online if I can't find it locally. Where do you shop for fabric and supplies? Looking forward to more greatness from you. :)
Hopeful sewer answered:
Thanks! I used Saral transfer paper, which comes on a 12" roll. Pearl Art may have it, but it was just easier for me to order it online, so I did (from Dick Blick, I think, but it's widely available). I've used it now for several projects and am quite happy with the product. In terms of local fabric shopping, I go almost exclusively to G Street in Rockville and proceed directly to the discount table, looking neither left nor right along the way in order to avoid temptation! I'd love to try the fabric thrift store in Baltimore, but I haven't yet had a chance to check it out.

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