TARDIS Bombshell WIP

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I've never done anything like this before, building a bra into a dress. I'm a 36DDD, so bras for me are nothing to sneeze at. Also, I did a lot of pattern grading and altering on this bodice, so I feel like I designed this dress, rather than just making it from a pattern. Notes on the finished dress- the straps form a bow in the back at the sign on the skirt (printed on iron-on transfer paper and then ironed onto cotton) is a patch pocket.

What you will need

  • Cotton broadcloth
  • sew-in boning
  • cotton batting

Q&A with ScaryMerry

Rainessa asked:
cool idea. I saw some ladies wearing tardis dresses at dragoncon, but I am drawing a blank at what type of dresses. I am not a huge dr. who fan (nothing against it, just haven't really watched it much) so I didn't pay much attention other than thinking it was clever.
ScaryMerry answered:
I'm not a huge Whovian either (though I do enjoy it casually), but I'm going to a lindy exchange (basically swing dance convention) this weekend and it's Doctor Who themed with DW costume contest, I have a reputation among my local swing scene of making awesome dresses, so I felt the need to really bring it for this event.
Mommamea asked:
This is awesome. I bought the class just havent taken the time to do it. Wasnt sure it would work with my bust line but if it works for yours it will work for mine Im the same cup.
ScaryMerry answered:
I didn't use the dress that came with the class. My pattern is the party dress from Mary Adams's Party Dress Book. I did, however, grade up the bodice cups a couple of sizes and I used those to make bra cups with my batting on the inside of the dress.