Created by: Joanly

Tapestry style cross body bag

You Can Make This

Joanly made Tapestry style cross body bag with:

Design Your Own Handbag

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Design Your Own Handbag

with Brett Bara

  • Home deck
  • satin backed shantung for lining
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Q&A with Joanly

Shoestring asked:
Pretty everything! I love the shape of the purse, and am enjoying the sumptuous fabrics too. Great functioning bag. I love it.
Joanly answered:
Thanks Shoestring! I've been trying to expand my horizon....different shapes, accessories, etc. it's so much fun!
Evespassion asked:
Beautiful! I just love everything about this bag..
Joanly answered:
Thanks so much.....I've been trying new fabrics and textures......lots of fun!
Bagabon asked:
Really classy bag, nice job!!
Joanly answered:
Linda_D asked:
This is such a beautiful fabric and design. Love how you centered the fabric. Do you sell your handbags? Patterns?
Joanly answered:
Hi Linda_D.....I don't use patterns....just sew what's in my head. Therefore all my bags are different. I do sell them. Started about 2 years ago, then personal issues prevented me from perusing. I've just started again this year :)
deveda asked:
Beautiful work!
Joanly answered:
Thank you!