Tailored shirt for Alice

What you will need

  • the fabric is very special my aunt who sewed all her life
  • is now 92
  • bought the fabric some years ago
  • but did not make it up
  • she passed it on to me
  • it is a cotton voile
  • our grand daughter Alice is named after my aunts mother
  • who of course is also my grandmother Alice. So to have this fabric is of great sentimental value.

Q&A with Nolly1

Pam Howard asked:
Hi! This little shirt for Alice
Nolly1 answered:
pam i wll arrange that i am sure alice would love to be in the craftsy space, thank you, i am rather proiud of it interlined with organza the cuffs colar and facings
countryridesagain asked:
So cute
Nolly1 answered:
thank you. now making her a dress and will do little pants in dark blue to wear with blouse