Created by: Thread Queen

sweater purse

You Can Make This

Thread Queen made sweater purse with:

  • child's sweater
  • cotton fabric
  • leather

Q&A with Thread Queen

Chiquitaneff asked:
Where can I see the instructions? I would love to try to make one :)
Thread Queen answered:
no instructions that I know about. I made the purse the size of the cigar wood, and went from there. The sweater was a size 4 little girls - that dictated the size pretty much. The lining needs to be pretty firm. I used cotton fabric with iron-on batting. The flower is made from the neck. I sewed it to grey ribbon and gathered it into the flower. The top of the purse where the zipper is, was the sleeve, & part of the other sleeve became the pocket inside. Every sweater is different. Just have fun!

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Get your first class for only $14.99