Sustainable Fetishwear (work safe)

Project Description

What are you most proud of? It was a huge amount of work but I was very happy with what I produced. I started with 651.5 grams of fabric from my garments which included the weights of all extra embellishments that were needed, such as the boning and eyelets. And *drumroll* I ended up being able to use 100% of the original garments! I even saved the thread from the original constructions.. I swear, there was method to my madness! lol The fruits of my labor are posted below. I constructed an underbust corset, Minnie ears, a pair of spats, a purse, and a little neck tie :) What advice would you give someone starting this project? I meticulously followed my process during this adventure so if you are interested in doing something similar the blog post is here: http://smashworks.blogspot.com/2011/04/studio-deconstructreconstruct.html#more

What you will need

  • This project was a deconstruct/reconstruct sustainability adventure so I started with a children's raincoat and an old kilt of my own and used 100 percent of the fabric to construct multiple pieces. I even used all of the original thread in order to stuff the Minnie style ears and head bow :) The only things I added were boning
  • rivets
  • a headband
  • and new thread to sew with!

Q&A with smashworks

Sheila Zachariae asked:
smashworks answered:
hehe Thanks :)
fibrocraft asked:
i love that it was repurposed,i would never have guessed,great job!!
smashworks answered:
Thank you! My intention was that no one would know what the original garments were when everything was finished and I'm glad I succeeded!
Europa asked:
Awesome outfit! I love that you used every piece of the original garments. There are so many PVC raincoats floating around that could be turned into green fetishwear. :D Rock on!
smashworks answered:
Thank you :D!