Striped handbag with lots of details

Project Description

What are you most proud of? To create a professional look for the straps, I created jetted pocket openings through which I pulled the lower parts of the tabs. What advice would you give someone starting this project? * take your time and don't rush the process * do not use silk for the lining, especially if this is your first bag; it was difficult to work with * since I wanted to make this bag very sturdy, I added two layers of interfacing and one layer of interlining to the outside fabric as well as one layer of interfacing to the inside fabric * due to the thickness of the final bag, I choose to use black double-fold bias tape to finish off the top of the bag instead of creating a super thick layer of seam allowance by sewing the thick layers together * the other advantage of using bias tape to finish off the top of the bag is that I could attach the corrugated plastic bottom and bag feet before the lining was sewn into the bag, which made that process easier; and I could sew the bottom of the lining closed before inserting the lining into the bag * for the hardware, I used flat screw on rings that I found at Etsy's "Purse Supplies R Us" seller; it is much easier to work with the straps if you use rings that can be attached at the very end (due to the screw on feature) * I purchased the corrugated plastic at a local Home Depot store; you can find it wherever they sell signs; once I cut it to size, I snipped (a very small snip) the sharp four corners at a 45 degree angle to prevent the sharp edges to eventually come through the fabric; HAVE FUN!

What you will need

  • Upholstery fabric for outside (striped); silk for inside (yellow); woven/fusible interfacing; interlining; double fold bias tape (black); bias tape piping (black); gross grain ribbon (black); flat screw-on rings (nickel); bag feet (nickel); corrugated plastic for bottom of bag

Q&A with Christine F.

This Girl Sews asked:
A true work of art! Love the details, from matching the stripes to the piping. Just beautiful! I've used the corrugated plastic for the bottom of my totes--it works really well.
Christine F. answered:
Thanks for your lovely comments! Yes, it is surprising how well the corrugated plastic works for the bottom of the bag.
Eechia asked:
Interesting! Nice to see something so unique
Christine F. answered:
valerio asked:
Wow work of art or love.... looks fantastic
Christine F. answered:
Thanks! Now that a few days have passed since completing the bag, I am finally realizing how well it turned out.
yarn78 asked:
Fabulous....beautiful work!
Christine F. answered:
Thanks so much!
Emmely asked:
Lovely details!
Christine F. answered:
Thanks so much!

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