Spring Fling mediaval purse

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I think the colors are nice together. But most proud of: That i finally did it. I made the embroidery years ago and this winter I sat down and finished the purse.

What you will need

  • Blue linen
  • white linen
  • rayon embroidery thread

Q&A with Eva testar

PerlenDiva asked:
Cute embroidery!
Eva testar answered:
Thank you. I tried to show photos of the dress it was made for but something went wrong
Ms. BB asked:
Hi Eva, I was looking at your other projects and discovered this gem! Absolutely wonderful, love the embroidery and the feeling it elicits. Would love to see the dress you have in mind too.
Eva testar answered:
Thank you Ms. BB!
Cat Sultan asked:
This is a really nice bag. Lovely embroidery. I agree that it looks Medieval.
Eva testar answered:
Thank You Cat Sultan. It nice to have the photos here to see (and for others to see) because I have given the purse away.
alexia asked:
How absolutely beautiful.
Eva testar answered:
Thank you Alexia!

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