Something Fishy Part 2

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I learned how to adjust my stitch length What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just start and don;t expect to get it done in one day, expect to work on it different times while working on other things and each time you get better and better and want to try other stuff like I did. I made a ladies face in fabric because of the class with Wendy Butler Burnes.

What you will need

  • Cotton

Q&A with kjfeathers

Debra K asked:
That is so beautiful and unusual! Are you going to frame it?
kjfeathers answered:
Probably not, I think I will add batting on the back and put the trim on as though it were a regular quilt and then hang it on the wall. I think it was in one of these workshops where you put triangles on the top left and right corners and leave them open on the bottom so a dowl rod can be inserted for easy hanging. That is somethig that I really want to try.
dnistrans408026 asked:
I like this piece.... very colorful!!
kjfeathers answered:
thank you, it was so much fun to maake. Just get started and can hardly put it down
Erika 7 asked:
I love that great job
kjfeathers answered:
Thank you so much. What a wonderful group of people to search and find my piece and then share a kind word. Thank you!! I will sleep like a baby tonight
Lakelivingal asked:
I really love what you did with your fish! I'm looking at this on my iPad ...I kept enlarging and enlarging to see the cool detail !! I've made something similar a few years ago, but you inspire me to go back and add more detail....very cool. Thanks for sharing :)
kjfeathers answered:
I did the same thing too, I impressed myself. I had a new machine and was not familiar with all of the stitches, so when I put the needle into the fabric...I have to admit I was scared that I was going to ruin the project but it didn;t. So I kept going...if I had an idea..I put that needle into the fabric and did it. This is the best project and so much fun. Thanks for the support
Suzan88 asked:
should this be in the Stupendous Stitching section?
kjfeathers answered:
I am not sure that that section is but I will check on it. I thank you for suggesting that my piece would go in a category that is stupendous...thank you very much

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