Skirt toile

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I got a pattern my size and it actually fits me. The darts turned OK as well. That I am never to old to learn something new. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Watch the video and follow the instructions.

What you will need

  • sheeting 100% cotton

Q&A with Davesmom

linpiration asked:
Pretty love toile. I am Dave's wife. Funny........so many Dave's.
Davesmom answered:
Thank you. I noticed you love to sew. This skirt will be my first one 40 years.
Lynne O asked:
Looking good! Half the battle is getting the fit right isn't it.
Davesmom answered:
Yes, the fit is all important. I am glad I made the toile first. I cut my skirt out last night. Working full time gets in the way of my sewing.
Ladymax asked:
I love your attitude. Even at our age we can learn. I am just learning to quilt. The skirt looks good.
Davesmom answered:
Thank you. I went to back to school when I was 56 years old and was amazed how much I love learning. I started quilting in 2009, I have noticed you are a very busy Lady when it come to crafts and quilting.
MJaneO asked:
Your great looking toile has just givin me the boost I have needed to get sewing and give making a skirt a try. I have been a quilter for some time. I haven't sewn since I was in my twentys. Thanks
Davesmom answered:
Thank you. This class has helped me over come my fears and the instructor is great. I am looking forward to lining my skirt. NO slips to hang down below the skirt.
jo_ken1214622 asked:
I want to learn to sew for myself so that I can make clothes that fit. I am heavy and the ready-to-wear size that fits my waist and bust makes my shoulders look like a football player and my my behind and hips baggy and bigger than they are. Your story has inspired me to try this class. Thanks.
Davesmom answered:
Craftsy.com has a lot of courses on how sew. But I think a skirt is the place to start. Be sure to leave an inch or two of ease for sitting down esp. at the waist and hips. Every time I do something new I learn something. Some times its what not do next time. I do believe the effort is worth it. I am start to work on a short sleeve shirt for me. I find the sleeves these days are to tight on ready wear to be comfortable and I have the same problems as you with the shoulders. I will post when I finish my shirt.