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Shopping bag - project pattern

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  • I wanted to change some details
  • such as the type of closure (a different way of the zipper construction)
  • different handles (I wanted to use buckles instead) ansomedifferent reinforcemente at the base ananreinforcemente ate the

Q&A with simona.bu73

Cara Michelle asked:
Is this real leather? Where did you purchase your leather and hardware? I love your bag, you have a real knack for bag making.
simona.bu73 answered:
Thanks! I usually buy leather from a shop here in mantova, Italy. I haven't bought leather online, yet, because in some way I feel afraid to make mistakes or buy high prices.... Instead I bought online metal fittings or www.
Marlysrae asked:
oops, I bet that is for your glasses, not cell phone ;)
simona.bu73 answered:
Yes, that's a pocket for glasses, I just had this idea because when you open a big bag you never find little things, isn't it? But the inside is made out of matching color fabric. Thanks a lot for your comments!
skilbeck72191651 asked:
I love the way you have inserted the zip can you tell us just how you did that?
simona.bu73 answered:
Well it is not that difficult. You must cut a piece of zipper tape, it must be a bit longer than the opening of the bag, close it at the end with a sort of leather "tail", then cut out four leather swipes of leather (1 or 2 cm wide) . The zipper tape must be sewn between the swipes each side. The zipper must be sandwiched between the facing and the lining. It's the falling lining technique. Probably it would be a bit easier to understand if you could see the procedure. I don't know if I was clear enough.... Be patient!