Created by: DonnaDeCourcy

Sewing with knits

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DonnaDeCourcy made Sewing with knits with:

Sewing Fashion Knits

Online Class

Sewing Fashion Knits

with Linda Lee

  • Ponti (white)
  • rayon knit (patterned top)
  • polyester thread (Gutterman and Coats and Clarks)

Q&A with DonnaDeCourcy

Jules12345 asked:
That is very flattering!
DonnaDeCourcy answered:
Thank you!
Merengueknitter asked:
Donna, your pieces look great! I thought you had bought the pants before I read your use of "white ponte". May I ask, what level of sewer you consider yourself? Did you take a knitwear sewing class before this one?
DonnaDeCourcy answered:
Sorry I just saw your comment. Then I'd say I was a beginning sewer with some experience. Now I'd say I was a beginning intermediate sewer with the understanding that I need to continue to build fitting skills and better knowledge of fabric choices. I'm becoming more discriminating in the types of knits I buy to avoid pilling after one wearing.
sharonmcj3651201 asked:
What are the pattern numbers for each piece - especially the top?
DonnaDeCourcy answered:
The pants is a Silhouette yoga pant and the top is simplicity 2181.