Seeing Red Purse

Project Description

What was your source for this sewing project? Improvisational What are you most proud of? I'm still having fun making handmade polymer beaded zipper pulls. This single bead I wrapped with a galvanized heavier gauge metal wire to make a pendant to attach to the zipper tab. Zipping with beaded pull adds is fun and fabulous!

What you will need

  • Coarse Weave Upholstery Fabric for Exterior and Interior Pocket
  • Shimmering Red Satin for Quilted Padded
  • Interior Lining
  • 14" zipper
  • Handmade Polymer Bead with Metal Wire Wrap for Decorative Zipper Pull
  • Black/Silver Metal Snap for Hidden Interior Pocket.

Q&A with Shoestring

2strings asked:
This is my favorite of the last three. Love the color, love the bead, love the whole thing! These one of a kind bags are just so special! How could a person decide which one to buy? I'd want them all and then I'd lose hours every day choosing which one to carry. :)
Shoestring answered:
Hi 2strings. Sorry I didn't respond to you sooner. Way too much going on here at home this month. --As always you say the loveliest things. You are a fabulous friend.
sewodd asked:
Love it!
Shoestring answered:
Hey there sewodd. Thanks for your kind words. By the way, you have a clever name. Very cool.
duzysg1325873 asked:
Ok, Shoestring you continue to blow me away with all your beautiful creations! They're all wonderful! I enjoyed reading your bio...we have quite a lot in common except for our age. I'm hoping to show a few of my things as soon as I can get the pictures taken but in the meantime I'll continue to follow you and all that you share.
Shoestring answered:
Hi duzysg1325873. What have you been creating this month? Please share photos. Loved hearing from you. Best wishes.
sewodd asked:
Hello Shoestring, thanks for your reply. I am so pleased every time I see a new project from you, but I just can't figure out how you get so much done!! I wish I had your energy! You have such a great sense of color, too. Keep up the good work!
Shoestring answered:
Hi there sewodd. I have fun in the studio almost everyday. I'm 60 something, and retired. When I'm not sewing, I'm up on a ladder repairing walls on our old Victorian (restoration about 90% complete). Checking out my restoration adventure on my website,
duzysg1325873 asked:
I just finished probably #17 Christmas stocking to give away, Since the holidays are coming, I thought I would share it and I've been looking in the computer for past ones to include. I just have to get going and get the pictures organized. Thanks for writing. You'll spur me on! I have quite a few past thing that I can share and will as soon as I can.
Shoestring answered:
Hi duzysg1325873. Glad to hear you are going strong on Christmas stocking projects. Wow! Hope you post some photos so we can see your fun projects.