Second Attempt At Fitting

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Ask for help when you're struggling! And don't be afraid to keep making adjustments

What you will need

  • I cut a smaller size to take into consideration the design ease
  • as per Pam's suggestion. This is Vogue 8804 while waiting for my class pattern

Q&A with pansipotter

Pam Howard asked:
Hi, Cutting out a smaller size was key to getting a better fit from this pattern! I agree that taking a bigger horizontal tuck from the back will help to keep the back from sagging above the vertical darts and smooth out the back. Don't rule out the possibility of a second horizontal dart if one large one is too much. Remember, this will be a test to see what will work best for your body. Can't wait to see the next pictures! Thanks, Pam
pansipotter answered: