Seat Cushion with Mexican Pleated Panel

What you will need

  • 100% cotton fabric
  • thread

Q&A with Vanessa Wilson

FridaLoves asked:
OOooo this is lovely! I would love to try this one!
Vanessa Wilson answered:
Thanks! It's one of the projects I teach in my Sew Little: Nursery Design Craftsy course. If you use this link you can register for 50% off: www.craftsy.com/sewlittle I also teach a few other home decor projects! Check it out. :o)
DottieDoe asked:
I would love to learn this! Very pretty.
Vanessa Wilson answered:
Thanks! Check out my Craftsy course---Sew Little: Nursery Design This is one of the projects I teach in the course. :o)
DottieDoe asked:
I haven't seen that course yet. I will check it out.
Vanessa Wilson answered:
Definitely! Thanks! :o)
mrsscott1662311 asked:
Very different. I like it.
Vanessa Wilson answered:
Thanks! :o)
cushionbe733603 asked:
I love your cushion would you send we instruction to make it at cushionbead@hotmail.com. Thanks alot Lisa Moore
Vanessa Wilson answered:
To access the full step-by-step instructions for this project you need to be a registered student in my Sew Little: Nursery Design Craftsy course. Check it out! you will learn a lot of other home decor projects and tips. :o)

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