scoop neck T-shirt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? FInishing it. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Instruction was very clear. I could not purchase nylon tape for shoulder. Probably I used not S0 Stretchy tame on the hem, and it made a bit tight. I realized that making T-shirt make me conscious of my body. Neck line is not really fitted.

What you will need

  • streatchy

Q&A with Yuka

Davesmom asked:
Looks like you could have made your t-shirt one size bigger. The seams at your shoulders seems to come in toward your neck, instead of being square with your shoulders. It also tends to pucker on the front to either side of the neck band. This could also mean you need a larger size. I think you are braver than I am. As I bought this class but have not made anything with it yet. I have priced material out for this class and it is costly here in Canada. Even if I got a halve price sale the fleece is $45. and t-shirt material is $18.00 a meter and how many meters do I need for a t-shirt? Costly. Then if it does not fit what a lot of money for not. I have been think of going to the thrift store and buy a man's t-shirt xxxlarge and use the material for my first project. Did you find the material costly?
Yuka answered:
Hmm, I may try same size T-shirt with different material next time, and will try larger size. T-shirt material is costly in Japan, too. There are 4 fabric stores within 45 min driving distance locally. I am trying
evie1203 asked:
I think that neck line is pulling a little bit but other wise its nice:) bt you never know it may get bigger after wash... I like it:)
Yuka answered:
Ohh, I wish it will come out bigger.
Lynne O asked:
Your t-shirt is really nice Yuka. I had a problem with my first one being a bit tight around the top half. All the knit fabrics I have used are different from each other in the way they look and stretch. I have used 3 sizes in my patterns up to now.
Yuka answered:
Thank you for comment. Going larger size feels sad...realizing myself, though. Anyway, I will try larger size next time.
CraftyNHmom asked:
Great job finishing your shirt! A size larger for your next version will probably be perfect. My last one was a bit tight, so I printed a graphic on it and made it for my teenage daughter. As Lynne said, each fabric is so different in terms of weight and stretch that you may need to try different sizes depending on how light/heavy or stretchy the fabric is. I'm going a size up next time. Keep at it and you will have the perfect t shirt for you!
Yuka answered:
Yes. I do feel this is a bit too tight. I will try larger size, next one.
DaleC asked:
Your mother will love it! Those flowers you added really are a nice detail. I haven't started into my knits yet, but am looking forward to working through this course.
Yuka answered:
thank you. I am a total newbei in sewing and this class taught me so much and gave me encouragement to sew more.

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