Sassy Librarian Blouse

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What are you most proud of? I haven't sewn much clothing for me. I usually just sew household items and clothes for my two girls. I've had a fear of women's clothing-so I'm proud to have completed this (although I did do the sleeves an easier way-I realize they're not right!). I was basically using this as a muslin and hope to buy nicer material soon for my next one. I'd appreciate comments on fit as I'm really new to this form of sewing. I'm planning to take it in at the side seams, but otherwise I feel like it fits pretty well. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Make a muslin. It helped me make alterations before the final version.

Q&A with Val4

Carol Ann 57 asked:
Since this is 'a muslin' I won't comment on your pressing (every garment/every seam needs pressing as you sew them and not just after you're done -- hint, hint!!) I can't quite tell but I think your buttons are too close to the edge. The button holes look about right but are your buttons right at the edge?? Most of the time there is an ample overlap -- if you put the buttons there because otherwise the blouse would have been too tight then you need to add on the pattern and not take away. On this same topic -- and one of the reasons I believe the buttons are too close to the edge is that the collar looks like it may be too far apart -- but I have not seen the pattern either. Yet another modification I would make is take off maybe 1/2 inch off the top of the shoulder -- you'd have to play with how much to take off but typically this type of sleeve sits higher on the shoulder and not dropping off -- it's really, really a minor fitting adjustment. You don't have to usually even adjust the sleeve because the difference will adjust with the gathers. I would not take the blouse in - it looks like it fits very well from the picture. Moving the buttons over just might take up what feels like 'it's too big!' Overall, it really looks well done and for the most part is a good style for you -- I'm hoping you don't take what I have said as criticism because I really had just hoped to give you some help -- good luck!
Val4 answered:
I need all the help I can get. You gave good suggestions! Thanks!

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