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Project Description

What are you most proud of? How good my binder and samples looks and that I can be organized when I make an effort. Organization is not in my nature. I have to work at it. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Plan ahead and get organized, you will be glade you did!

Q&A with Davesmom

Mrs mel asked:
Good grief, you could teach classes in organization...ill be your first student. Lol great job
Davesmom answered:
Thank you! I wish more of my home and life was as well organized!! Glad I could be of help!! Have you taken this class? I am finding it interesting.
Ladymax asked:
I agree with mrs. mel, I'll have to be your second student. I have been considering this course and now you have inspired me to get moving. Thanks.
Davesmom answered:
Thank you Ladymax. I am trying to use the classes I have signed up for but there are quite a few that I have not done anything on except listen to the instructors. Now I need to be able to make clothes that fit me. Working gets in the way of having fun.