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Created by: pattiebelle

Reverse Appliqué Skirt

You Can Make This

pattiebelle made Reverse Appliqué Skirt with:

  • Recycled t-shirts and 100% cotton jersey
  • button craft thread and embroidery floss

Q&A with pattiebelle

amyrt asked:
Fun, fun, and more fun. I just love your reuse of materials~ I assume your children have outgrown these items?
pattiebelle answered:
Thank you! It is fun to wear! And so comfy. Now that my daughter is 15 - outgrown can mean a number of different things. ;)
callievel asked:
so cute! it must make you smile just to wear them.
pattiebelle answered:
Thank you! It seems to be making other people smile, too! Many, many comments when I wear it. It doesn't matter to me whether they are laughing with me or at me. ;)
djw771518951 asked:
I just made this stencil and have stenciled it on the tunic from the third book. I did it in red with cream underlay.... Maybe it will be done for xmas next year... I love how you have used the circles in different ways....So cute ...and ...Great inspiration! Thank you! OMG!! Just saw the cactus and dino skirt! HOW FUN IS THIS!!!! Love it!
pattiebelle answered:
Thank you. The cactus and Dino are on the reverse side, so I can wear it either way. This hand sewing and embellishing is so fun and therapeutic... I would love to see your tunic - Have you posted pictures?