Refashioned top

What you will need

  • 2 t-shirts
  • some left over knit fabric
  • fusible for knits
  • Burda pattern 6/2008 #124

Q&A with Zsuzso

rowoman asked:
love it. another great job. did you appliqu the sleeves or did you divide up the sleeves into small strips? keep em coming...very inspirational
Zsuzso answered:
Thanks rowoman ! I did applique the sleeves. Left the edges raw, and used the stretch stitch to sew around the applique.
Pat Mitchell asked:
Very Nice!!
Zsuzso answered:
Thanks Pat Mitchell !
Sew_Enthusiast asked:
Clever and inspiring design !
Zsuzso answered:
Thank you Sew_Enthusiast !
Angela Wolf asked:
too cute! :)
Zsuzso answered:
Thank you Angela ! You made my day ! Love your class !
MWehmeier asked:
Love it!
Zsuzso answered:
Thanks MWehmeier !