quilted camera case

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The "quilting" if your an expert quilter please don't be too harsh, as this was my first try.. is this even "quilting"? :) What advice would you give someone starting this project? Dude, do like Nike says.. just do it! lol

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric two different patterns (one for outside
  • another for lining) thread
  • batting
  • bias tape

Q&A with melissalexandar

FabricAndCrafts asked:
I think you did a fabulous job! It's adorable! =]
melissalexandar answered:
I thank you!!
chelseabailey asked:
It most certainly is quilting, and you did a wonderful job at it! Such a pretty project. I don't know what kind of batting you used, but they make an iron on fleece batting I have used for quilted handbags so I could quilt the outside, and still have pockets on the inside (without either quilting the pockets shut, or showing the pocket stitching on the outside). It is easy to use and you don't have to baste (which is my least favorite part of quilting anything). Keep up the fabulous work!!!!
melissalexandar answered:
cool i didn't know there was such thing as iron on batting! my mom is getting into quilting and she just finished her first rag quilt. its cute, but small :) i'll tell her about this easier batting! it might help her get to making me a gift! :)
ehassler243824 asked:
Nice, but the buttonhole....
melissalexandar answered:
Hey only love on this page! HA you should see the other buttonholes on the fly back tank! WHAAAT happened there?! lol
Aprilb asked:
Did you handwork your buttonhole? Your case is insppirational..I need one to hold both my little camera and my smartphone, plus some id, etc. for traveling. Have some nice patterns but no courage to just "sew it"!
melissalexandar answered:
No i didn't hand work it. My Mentor says that when she was a girl they used to hand stitch over the stitches to cover the batting. y'know to make it look more professional. haven't done that part yet. its really simple and only really took about 20 mins.
Lorettagriffith asked:
This is a great project!
melissalexandar answered:
yes and it takes just mere minutes!! excellent as a last minute gift!!