Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am pleased with the end result. It starts out flat and shapless and before my very eyes it starts to take shape within a few hours I am putting a price tag on a one of a kind Tote....THAT I MADE! WHOA!!! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Take your time and select fabric that speaks to YOU!! Don't be afraid of color! Just go for it. Make the lining and inside pockets as cute as the exterior. Also I put a small little flash light in each of my bags.

What you will need

  • Fabric zipper purse snaps
  • large upholstery buttons and large covered buttons.

Q&A with Purp

Lloyswife asked:
Your totes are beautiful! You definitely have an eye for color and design. Looks like you have a small business going! I have just ordered the same sewing machine you have in the picture!
Purp answered:
Thank You so much. You will absolutely love that sewing machine. I recently purchased an embroidery/sewing machine but too scared to use it!!! I don't have a business...yet...but I have considered it. I am retired after 35 years of working so I love doing what I want to do... when I want to do it.
vdaggett91478098 asked:
Your bags are totally awesome. how can i make a purchase???
Purp answered:
Thank you. I recently participated in a Bazzare and sold just about ALL my bags! I am in the process of making more. I will be restocked sometime around the middle of August. I will post pictures soon after. Check back and let me know which one(s) you like. Norma
Robin Luther asked:
Another wonderful variety of gorgeous bags! I make key rings to coordinate with my bags and sew a D-ring clip to the inside to keep them in reach. I like feature pockets, so I usually add one zip and one patch pocket with a "pen sleeve" sewn on the side. :) Again. love them!
Purp answered:
What a great idea (key chain attachment). Thank you for the compliment too.
Shuggar9 asked:
That is beautiful!
Purp answered:
Thank you, I appreciate the compliment.