Project Description

What are you most proud of? Adjusting the pattern and getting a nice shape. Also adding a design feature to the hem. I was able to put this together using several hints I have picked up from various classes like being able to adjust the serger tensions for the material. Putting the garment on and having it sit properly and look smart enough to wear out to lunch today. The photo is not the best but it looks very nice with my red polo shirt underneath and is just as warm and comfortable as I hoped it would be. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Each time I complete another project, I learn something new because I take the time to go back to the class and reread my notes and re-watch the relevant part of the videos. My advise to anyone who wants to start this particular project is to make sure that you measure and fit as the ladies tell you to and you will have great success.

What you will need

Q&A with Sarg

Pat Mitchell asked:
Well made! Nice style! Pretty color! Thanks for posting
Sarg answered:
Thank you Pat.
audpoupon1519841 asked:
Nicely done. Side splits are a nice touch.
Sarg answered:
Thank you. I decided to try them because the material was reasonably heavy and the length was more like a tunic.
Mamie Ann asked:
Love the side splits and beautifully done.
Sarg answered:
Thank you. They worked out better than I thought.

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