Prom Dress Flower

Project Description

What are you most proud of? It really added something extra to the dress.

What you will need

  • Leftover satin fabric from prom dress and leftover stone.

Q&A with TanjaH

Shoestring asked:
Hi Tanja. You are so talented with your projects--I admire you. Your daughter looks magnificent in her dress--what a perfect color. Wow--she's a beautiful girl. Best wishes to you both.
TanjaH answered:
Thank you! Since I'm a beginner or advanced beginner, I appreciate your complement. My daughters have already commissioned me to make their wedding dresses; Yikes!
Shoestring asked:
Tanja--I know you will make the most beautiful wedding dresses for your daughters. I'm so jealous--it must be wonderful having daughters! Have a great May! Yippee--the weather finally made a turn in the right direction here in Wisconsin. Are you sewig any summer garments for yourself or your girls?
TanjaH answered:
My girls argue all the time! But at least it's exciting. I'm taking my oldest daughter to see Wicked when it comes to town this June and she wants a special dress. I'm posting pics of the pattern and fabric today. It should be a pretty cool dress.

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