Princess Pants

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The fact that I made a pair of pants to wear to work, and didn't have to buy them. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Be patient with the fitting process, and seek help from a friend if you get frustrated.

What you will need

  • cotton

Q&A with DrFun

Nana Linn asked:
Great Job! They fit you perfect in the backside. How many tries before you got that fit? L
DrFun answered:
Well, I just made one muslin, but I tweaked it MANY times. I honestly started on these in April, but I don't sew every day and at a couple of points, I got really frustrated and put them away. Now I'm happy I hung in there, though!
LynneCoverLV asked:
Flawless fit on your back end! I noticed there are folds below, are those hard to remove or is it just the photo. I always have the same problem with store bought pants because I have a flat rear.
DrFun answered:
Those folds just kill me - they're on every pair of pants I have. They were much worse, though, before the flat rear adjustment, and I could've worked on them some more, but I just got sick of it at one point and wanted to move on.
Tina Loves2sew asked:
These look very good. I get those same diagonal drag lines in the back too. I wonder what Sandra would say as to why these appear????
DrFun answered:
Sandra was here for a workshop and I made her jeans pattern with the same issue, so she added to the point of the rear crotch, so it was longer and had more fabric to drape down the inner leg, I guess. I can't re-create that effect, though!
juliesauv937224 asked:
Nice pants! I hope my project will be as great as yours. I think the diagonal drag lines in the back is a sign of knees that angle in.
DrFun answered:
That's what I think too - my knees are definitely knobby.
pcampbell asked:
So glad to see this pant on a "straighter" figure. They look great on you! They look great on fuller figures, but I hadn't seen them on anyone built like me. Now I'm excited to start making a pair. I wondered about the diagonal lines - don't they usually point to something? What is you let out the high hip just a bit? Are they getting caught up there?
DrFun answered:
They seem to be pointing to my inner knees, and I think that's why Sandra lengthened the back crotch when she was here earlier - seemed to give me more fabric to drape over the knobby knee. They don't catch or pull on my high hip. This pant has that princess seam, though, and my grain got off kilter, so I think that's part of my problem. They're so comfortable to wear, though! Good luck with yours!

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