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Practice piece

You Can Make This

Metzy made Practice piece with:

  • This grey fabric paint using two shades of grey DMC floss. As with all of these projects it uses two layers of teashirt cotton. The sample has several of the ways they can be stitched and cut away. I like the idea of using both colors of floss to make this. I like the two layers with the inside area cut to make a heavier teashirt.

Q&A with Metzy

faux nom asked:
Such perfect stitching! It's fun to see all these styles on one swatch.
Metzy answered:
Now I have to decide which one to use!
JanetElise asked:
Beautiful stitching! What did you use to do the stenciling, an airbrush, sponging or another method? It looks great.
Metzy answered:
Thank you about the complement about the stitching. I had a hard time keeping the stitches large. I do not hand quilt but it flet like I should be. I think I successfully kept the stitches large enough. I used the stencil that I cut out of overhead projector plastic I had in my stash. I KK2000'ed it to the fabric and then used a makeup sponge to apply the paint. The makeup sponge works really well. I was surprised how easy it was to do. Not knowing which method I wanted to use I did the sample with the ones I was most interested in. They all turned out beautiful. I think I am going to make the top two tone using both floss colors. I love the mix.

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Get your first class for only $14.99