Practice Darted Shirt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Making a practice shirt before using my good fabric. The collar turned out pretty well for my first collar. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Make a practice shirt first. I cut my outer yolk and stained the collar with a dirty iron in this practice ... plus the fit was not good for movement, I need a tighter arm hole and would like 3/4 sleeves. Iron shoe or pressing cloth highly recommended.

What you will need

  • homespun quilting cotton

Q&A with zinc6

Pam Howard asked:
Hi, It was so smart of you to practice on a similar weight of fabric to get the techniques familiar to you. That way, you can breeze through on the special fabric you've chosen for your shirt. I love it! Thanks, Pam
zinc6 answered:
Thanks Pam ... the homespun was a little heavier and more wrinkly than traditional shirting cotton but very similar to linen in texture so I thought it would be a good fabric for my first shirt.
Chris Lucas asked:
I'm looking forward to making my first collared shirt and love the idea of using a practice fabric first. Thanks for sharing :)
zinc6 answered:
Thanks Chris ... I would recommend it ... I alway make a few mistakes when learning something new.
BrittaJ asked:
collar is dirty,but otherwise it looks just perfect! The real thing is likely to be great, good luck!
zinc6 answered:
Hi Britta ... the homespun was really easy to work with and the collars are not as difficult as you would imagine with Pam's calm and clear instructions.
sew2pcs asked:
Very nice! I'm a firm believer in test runs, too. I'd much rather work out the kinks before setting to work on my expensive fashion fabric.
zinc6 answered:
Thanks sew2pcs ... since taking the couture dress class I find it hard to work without a muslin - I ended up spending 2 days this week and 3 muslins to get a shirt that fits me well. I agree with getting it right before cutting into fashion fabric.

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